Sunday, November 6, 2011

Be sharp and on the dot!

It has been two (2) years since we started following a standard protocol in time, we have minimized the chances of tardiness in our ministerial services and rehearsals. Tardiness is a common scene for some groups.

Overtime, we have witnessed the group’s tendency to follow what we call “Filipino time”. If you know how DST (day light saving time) works, this one goes the opposite way. Coming a few minutes to an hour late was so termed and a shameful word to have been implied by us ‘Pinoys.’

Being on time or at least a few minutes early before the agreed schedule has so many perks. It assures your attendance to a specific event. It imbibes a character of being punctual and true to your word. Moreover, it seals a continuous flow in a day’s work away from further delays. Less tasks for the following days.

My choir has followed this standard procedure when we have scheduled performances and services to the church (Catholic). An hour before our schedule is our optimum time to have departed from our meet-up location. We give (at least) a 15-minute grace period for everyone to get to our meeting place. Most of the time, we travel in groups when we attend to our services and we do enjoy most of it.

We observe the same rules when it comes to our choir practice. We have sincerely followed a weekly routine to at least have a two (2) hour practice once per week. Those two hours is enough for the group to learn and absorb all that I can teach them.  Going beyond that would exhaust them and make them inefficient. Though, I believe some other choirs go more than that but based on what I have seen, this is more than enough for them as of this moment.

Time is very important for a group to meet for an event or for a weekly rehearsal. It teaches every member the value of time, trust that everyone will be there, respect for everyone has dedicated their own, and discipline for being present and be on time.

Does your choir or group follow the same routine as we do? Or you have better ways of making everyone arrive on the dot?


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