Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Avoiding crammed rehearsals

One thing that me and my choir didn't realize before that we are always in a rush when we practice our repertoire. As if we were crammed to finish all the songs that will make up our list for the coming Sunday mass. In the end, we fail to deliver the songs as they were supposed to be performed and a disapproving congregation will soon reach our ears.

So, I asked myself, "What am I missing?.... Is it my choir not able to absorb the things that I taught them? Or am I too lax in the way I handle them?"

I decided to put an end to it and started analyzing weighing on things that might alleviate the problem.

One solution that I found was to map out our year round activity since the Catholic "Masses" are celebrated based on a theme and follows a certain season.

As learned from one of the cathecisms that I have attended, the liturgical calendar consists of the following (as I remember them):
  • Advent Season
  • Christmas Season
  • Lenten Season
  • Easter Season
  • Ordinary Season
And a few more special feast days:
  • Pentecost
  • Ascencion
  • Christ the King
Actively participating in the church did make me aware of the information I've stated above making it easier for me and my group to understand the context of the weekly Sunday celebrations.

What's left for me to do now is to plot out the songs that would fit in the particular season so then I can determine the right time for us to start rehearsing and make it on time for the opportuned mass celebration for the given season.

Making a schedule is a worthwhile task even at times unexpected things happen that may mess out our predetermined activities for the whole year. It may be disappointing for us if things don't go the way we want it but at least we did our best to minimize the possible problems that may arise at that exact moment.

The calendar will just serve as your guide and nothing more than that. We still have control over things the way we want them to be.


Sometimes I have a crammed schedule too.  I'm still working on it.

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