Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting my journey

My passion to play and teach music in church choirs (Catholic) dates back 12 years ago as I started to handle and teach my own youth choir.

I do not have a degree in music. I only have some formal lessons in minor schools plus the 12 year experience in the field.

I have been aiding my former mentors and colleagues in teaching their own choral groups for quite sometime now. My musical prowess and knowledge on music dynamics and theories have provided much help in the performance of various choral groups in our community. Up until now, I give service to those who asks for whenever possible.

Teaching music, particularly liturgical in context, to young people has never been so easy. So much to say, not all people has strong affinity to their spiritual side. Religion is not a strong magnet specially to teens and young adults. Keeping up with the group is quite a painful challenge.

Two years ago, I was about to surrender my assistance to my youth choir. They are starting to lose focus. Even weekly rehearsals is hard to put up and frequently ignored. The arrival of a few more members and my discovery to some information that may bring back the group's eagerness has kept me in tow up until now. I can say the fire was still burning and only a good fuel will make the fire larger, warmer and brighter.

That is why I am taking into writing my journey as I, together with my chorale and colleagues,  discover ways to liven up our church service to the best of our abilities as servants under the music ministry of the Catholic church.


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