Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breathing: the key to proper singing

When I joined a choir when I was still a kid, no one has ever taught us of the proper singing habits. For years, we sang just like any normal kid that usually ends up with an itchy throat or a lost voice (either a sored throat or "malat") for the next few days after stressing our vocal chords.

Never did we know that singing involves the proper use of air and how we use the air in creating the sound plays an important role specially in choirs or choruses.

Technically speaking, our vocal chords generates the sounds. Sounds are produced when air passes trough our chords. They take shape according to the sound produced. Consequently, passing enough air through the vocal chords will aid in proper sound production. Only through proper breathing exercises can we develop our breathing habits for singing.

To sing properly, we need enough air to pass through our vocal chords. We also need to hold enough air to make sound production smoother and more powerful.

Look at the flute. It is a wind instrument that depends largely on air to be able to produce the right sound. An ample amount of air is required to pass through the holes as the fluist plays on it. Just like our voice, we cannot sing properly without passing air through our vocal chords.

Adapting this concept will make it easier for us to understand the idea of sound production. Singing does not solely depend on our vocal chords, air helps to produce the sound through the chords. We need to control the flow of air to produce the right sound as we intended to do while we sing.


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