Sunday, October 30, 2011

Breathing Exercise #1: Inhale, Hold, and Release

To fashion our breathing to the way we should when we sing, breathing exercises should be undertaken so that our body will get used to it. Our body has the capability to record certain actions that we do regularly resulting in an effortless routine.

When we set our alarm clocks to wake us up on a certain time then it becomes a habit that sometimes we get up ahead of our alarm clocks. That is one proof that our body can adjust to whatever we tell it to do. That is why regular breathing exercise can help accustom our own breathing to the required way of breathing when we sing.

The first basic exercise to practice is taking in air gently, holding it for a few seconds and releasing it slowly. But first, we have to change the way we breathe for us to sing properly. We need to activate our diaphragm to do the work for us. We will focus in delivering air to our lower abdomen where our stomach is also located.

Stand up straight (good posture is required for this exercise) to allow a straight flow of air to your body. You can start right up by putting both of your hands on each of your sides. Try to find the end of your rib cage (the last hard spot just above the sides of your belly) support the end of the rib cage with your hands then try to take in air while you fill your stomach. You will feel that the tummy area inflates and all around it expands as you let air in. Try this in front of a mirror to see if you are doing it right.

When you do this exercise, place your self in a relaxed state. Only your tummy should rise when you do this exercise. Not even your shoulders. Let yourself feel your tummy fills up with air until you let it all out slowly. Do not rush yourself in doing this exercise. The point of the exercise is for you to properly channel the air to the right places for you to be able to sing with enough air support and to train yourself in breathing this way when you sing.
This is the right way of breathing for you to sing properly. It is sometimes called "diaphragmatic breathing." The diaphragm helps in taking in as much air that you can let in and allows you to control its release while you sing. As I have said, air is the key for us to sing properly. It will support our vocal chords in the production of sound.

Do this exercise repeatedly as long as you can. Some people may feel light headed after doing this. If you feel you are about to get dizzy, stop and rest.

When you are already familiar with diaphragmatic breathing, you can now institute breathing patterns while you do this exercise. Regulating the flow of air and controlling its release is what you have to work on later.


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